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 Mobile DVR - Real Time Remote Viewing with GPS 

WIFI and GPRS/CDMA Cellular Video Networking: At Panorama Security we offer optional wireless WIFI module for short distance or internal wireless network connection; and GPRS/CDMA module for long distance remote functions via wireless connection. Hence, the vehicle can be traced via wireless connection and have latest data for management and control.
Driving Data Recorder Function: By optional inertia sensor module, all vehicle driving data such as acceleration, turns, braking and recording clips can be analyzed


Mobile DVR

Multimedia Advertising and Entertainment Applications: DVD quality video/audio advertising or entertainment programs can be broadcasted on interior or exterior displays. The content is easily updatable with a Compact Flash card.

Automatic Digital Recording When Vehicle's Ignition Is On. M4-404VP can set continuous record, motion record and alarm record modes. When vehicle's ignition is on, the system will automatically record, so no video files can be unintentionally missed or erased while no driver interaction is required.

High Quality, Long Lasting Recording and Easy Event Searching. M4-404VP is using latest MPEG 4 hardware compression which allows for long period of recording at superior quality. Mobile-certified hard drive (i.e. 2.5" Hitachi HDD) is capable of a full week of recording. Recording clips will continuously overwrite when HDD is full. .                                                                                                                                                                            User's friendly interface offers a menu for quick search and playback, also with advanced tools for transmission or duplication of recording clips CF Card and USB 2.0 Port for back Up files.
M4-404VP is built in with a CF card drive and USB 2.0 port to support pen drive or USB HDD and CF card to back up all clips in fast speed

Solutions provide real time audio/video/GPS data recording, instant alarm image transmission and online vehicle tracking. It is an easy and cost effective solution to secure and track vehicles.

Successful deployment includes:
Recreational Vehicle
Armored Truck
Public Bus
Mass Rapid Transit
Commercial Vehicle
Luxury Yatch
Fire Truck
Police Car
Fleet Company
Mobile Vendor
Mass Transit Railway


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